Get Your Gelato On! The American Tour

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Tempting Gelato Art

Looking for a little taste of Italy in a dessert? The popular Italian Gelato Festival has expanded their American stop this year to include a tour of four US cities. Starting with Boulder, Colorado this weekend and continuing later in October to Santa Barbara, California, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. (see complete list of dates below)

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A Cup fo Gelato Goodness

The European tour begins and ends in Florence with intermediate stops throughout different European locations each year. The 2017 finale was held two weeks ago in Florence and the winner was Massimiliano Scotti with his flavor “Il Mio Primo Vero Latte” (My First True Milk) . Who will win the American Tour and what ingenious, artisanal gelato flavor will it be????


VIDEO: A Taste of Gelato History (Carpigiani Gelato Museum)


Boulder (September 29 – October 1, 2017)
Santa Barbara (October 20-22, 2017)
Scottsdale (October 27-29, 2017)
Tucson (November 3- 5, 2017)


Gelato Festival 2017: American Tour

Gelato Festival Facebook

Carpigiani Gelato Museum in Bologna, Italy


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Tempting Gelato Art -marika bortolami- via / CC BY
Cup of Gelato Goodness
Boulder, Colorado (Pearl Street Mall) szeke via / CC BY-SA
Santa Barbara, California huskyte77 via / CC BY-ND
Scottsdale, Arizona  Eric Friedbach via Wikimedia Commons
Tucson, Arizona Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

gelato! Gelato! GELATO!

If you missed out on Rome’s big birthday bash yesterday, never fear, Gelato is here!  What a more perfect way to ring in spring than a stroll through Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence with a gelato in hand.  This weekend is the start of the traveling Gelato Festival.  Held at various locations throughout Italy and Europe, it’s a must-do for iced treat aficionados.  The festival kicks off this weekend in Florence and then has stops in: Parma, Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, London, Berlin and Valencia before returning to Florence in September.

Have you always wondered what the difference is between gelato and ice cream? In general, gelato is lower in fat, lower in calories and contains less air than ice cream. The reduction of air gives it a dense, creamy goodness that makes you think you’ve died and gone to heaven. The sugar content is higher than typical ice cream, one of the keys that keep it from freezing solid.  If you’re serious about gelato and would like to open your own shop, you can attend Gelato University at the Carpigiani Gelato University and museum in Bologna, Italy to get your basics down.  Serious about gelato, but not that serious, Carpigiani’s flagship store is located just outside their administrative offices and museum where you can sample a variety of flavors served up by students attending the Gelato University.  Carpigiani has also started offering week-long courses in the United States; check out the link below for their calendar and course offerings.

Can’t make it to Europe? You are in luck! A Gelato World Tour is coming to Chicago, Illinois Memorial Day Weekend.  Sixteen artisanal gelato competitors will be competing for the North American Gelato Title at Millenium Park May 27-May 29.  This is both an industry and public event where hands-on workshops will be offered.  Three finalists will also travel to Rimini in 2017 to compete for “Worlds Best Flavor”. There will also be a West Coast stop in September, location and dates are to be announced.  Follow the links below for information and logistics to attend these two tasty events.

Gelato Festival (Florence, Italy & Europe)

Carpigiani Gelato University

Carpigiani Gelato Museum

Gelato World Tour (including Chicago)

Photo Credits
Gelato with Wafer: Bekathwia via / CC BY-SA
Two Cups of Gelato: B.Positive.2014 via / CC BY-SA
Gelato Cone: erickgonzalez50 via / CC BY-ND
 Piazzale Michelangelo Florence View Photos (all): Lisa M. Vogele
Carpigiani Gelato Musum, Tour & Flagship Store: Aidan M. Vogele, Mark R. Vogele & Lisa M. Vogele