For the Love of Cheese: 12th Festival del Formaggio

Cheeses Ready for Sale

This weekend, the market town of Campo Tures is a haven for Turophiles, connoisseurs and lovers of cheese. Three days full of exhibitions, talks, live cooking demonstrations and cheese tastings. There are five DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) quality-controlled cheeses from this region: Asiago, Grana Padano, Provolone Valpadana, Spressa delle Giudicarie, and Stelvio/Stilfser; all are cheeses made with cow’s milk. 100 cheese exhibitors from the Alto Adige region, other parts of Italy and other countries will exhibit close to 1,000 types of cheeses. Though the festival is only three days, restaurants in town will feature cheese tasting menus throughout the next week.

The Dolomites

Campo Tures lies amid the impressive landscapes of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. Though the town is within Italy, it is primarily German-speaking. Located along the border with Austria, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918 when the South Tyrol was promised to Italy as part of the Treaty of London. Campo Tures is also known as Sand in Taufers, the ancestral seat of the Lords of Taufers who died out in 1340. Castle Taufers stands high above the Ahr River, has been restored from disrepair and is open to tourists.

The Ahr River Valley and Campo Tures can be reached by car (best) or public transportation (connections/longer) and is about 43 miles northeast of Bolzano. It serves as a base for exploring the surrounding mountains on foot during the summer and snow showing and skiing in the Dolomites in the winter.

Festival del Formaggio Official Site

Sud Tirol (South Tyrol) Area Tourism Information

Google Maps – Campo Tures, Sud Tirol, Alto Adige, Italy

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Photo Credits:
Cheeses Ready for Sale   Michela Simoncini via / CC BY
The Dolomites   Erika Gilraen Loss via / CC BY-ND
Castle Taufers in Campo Tures   Allie_Caulfield via / CC BY
The Ahr River in Camp Tures   Allie_Caulfield via / CC BY
Courtyard of Castle Taufers in Campo Tures   Allie_Caulfield via / CC BY



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